Tobacco Merchant Account

Tobacco merchant account is considered to be the most risky merchant account in E commerce world because many tobacco merchant account providers have been shaken with fraud accounts and potentially high rates of charge backs, thus causing immense damage to their businesses. The transaction process associated with tobacco merchant account makes it fall into the category of high risk processing method. Because of such high stakes, many tobacco companies do not accept credit cards at all and rely on taking electronic checks only.

Many domestic tobacco merchant account providers refuse to open an account when it comes to tobacco business online. In such circumstances, only an offshore tobacco merchant account can serve the purpose. Another reason is that domestic merchant account providers often have to stick to very strict rules and regulations forced upon them by banks or credit card providers so to avoid this; they simply refuse to open the account. Selling tobacco online is a very risky business and offshore tobacco merchant account is the solution one should go for when it comes to this. Normally, what happens is that Tobacco vendors sell their products in those countries where there is less tax rate on tobacco products. Hence, an offshore tobacco merchant account provider would be able to help them getting rid of all the taxes etc. So, if you want to make your tobacco business grow online, an offshore tobacco merchant account would be your choice for sure.

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