High Risk Merchant Service Providers

The term ” high risk merchant ” is used to describe any business whose online payment system is prone to fraudulent activities. Online pharmacies, tobacco traders, escort services, online gaming sites, and so forth, form part of this list. American Merchant Systems is one of the best known High Risk Merchant Service Providers globally thanks to our extensive experience in protecting online payment systems and which dates back to the year 1999. We have since come to the rescue of many businesses which have had their applications for the protection of their payment systems rejected by credit card facilitators and domestic banks owing to their high risk nature.

American Merchant Systems services are tailored to win the trust of our clients seeing as they have entrusted us with the task of ensuring the smooth, effective and secure running of their payment systems. We take up this business with full knowledge that is risky and that should any mishap transpire we shall bear full responsibility. Our duty as High Risk Merchant Service Providers is to ensure that your account and credit card payment system can facilitate transactions in an expedited fashion. This is coupled with our fantastic customer support which simultaneously ensures that your clients can trust your payment system. With this sort of assurance you will definitely be able to attract new customers.

We believe that all High Risk Merchant Service Providers worth their salt should be well equipped with all the mechanisms necessary to sustain secure transactions. AMSvisa.com will provide your website with secure certified connections, a shopping cart and fast transaction order form. We will enable you to monitor and review all the transactions that your payment system has conducted and this in real time. Finding the right merchant account service provider no longer needs to be a distressing experience, at least not when American Merchant Systems is still operational.

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