High Risk Merchant Services

American Merchant System offers a highly rated High Risk Merchant Service that is geared towards protecting your high risk venture against any fraudulent activities that may be perpetrated against your online payment system. Here you entrust your payment system to us so that our antifraud systems can watch over it; should any mishap take place it is us who will be answerable but not you. This arrangement will work to ensure continuity in your business and most of all assurance and trust among your clients. This service is all about us keeping vigil to detect and stop any criminal activities targeted on your payment system before they take place.

Most if not all transactions today are paid for via credit cards and therefore our High Risk Merchant Service is targeted at ensuring that you not only have secure but also fast transaction rates as well as a customer support service that is readily available at any time of need. We know that you have put your monetary trust in our hands and therefore it is our duty to avert any mishaps that will inconvenience the proceedings of your business. The customer also has a role to play in ensuring that our services are seamless. In this regard therefore we encourage new customers as they are switching providers to ensure that they clear bills and agree to terms and conditions that’ll protect them against inconveniences such as charge backs.

Our High Risk Merchant Service will be your partner in collecting online payments aka deferred payments and this way you will ably monitor and review all payments in real time. The impact of merchant accounts cannot be overemphasized in today’s fast-paced world; providing your customers with a way to pay online is a thoroughly effective means of opening up your venture for more business.

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