About Us “Specializing in High Risk Merchant Accounts since 1999”

Some businesses may be classified as high risk for a number of reasons. Is your business classified as “High Risk”? American Merchant Systems (www.amsVISA.com) specializes in High Risk Merchant Accounts, High Volume Merchant Accounts and Offshore Merchant Accounts.

High Risk Merchant Accounts can include mail order, telephone order, adult industry,adult toys, adult DVD’s & videos, direct marketing industry, dating services, online dating, escort services, outcall services, travel, telecom, timeshares industry, herbal supplements, diet programs, subscription services, membership services, membership clubs, ticket sales, MLM merchant accounts, multi-level marketing merchants, bail bonds, pawn shops, water filtration systems sales, collection agencies, auto rental, rare coin shops, computers, custom design products, software sales, detective services, door to door sales, massage parlors, gun shops, hair restoration services, cosmetic surgery, high ticket sales, high volume merchant accounts, home based businesses, fortune tellers, infomercial merchant accounts, insurance products, investment products, custom jewelry sales, multi level marketing, MLM, phone sales, internet businesses, seminars, schools, education, sports collectibles, used auto sales, water purifier sales, weight loss centers, vitamin stores, controversial herbal supplements, pharmacy merchant accounts, international merchants, downloadable software merchant accounts, web hosting, web design, web marketing, search engine optimization, voice over internet or VOIP, call centers, ecommerce or internet merchant accounts, affiliate program marketers, internet marketers, replica products, companies facing high chargebacks or refunds, companies on Terminated Merchant File also known as TMF or Match File, etc.

American Merchant Systems can help.

American Merchant Systems (www.amsVISA.com) represents 25+ different processing sources (US based banks, domestic banks, domestic merchant accounts, offshore banks, offshore merchant accounts, third party processing, ACH Check Processors, check guarantee services, check conversion services, and ATM machines.). Whether you are looking for one merchant account or multiple accounts, we are certain that we can accommodate ALL your processing needs. Regardless of business type or volume, we’ll get your account approved quickly and keep it running smoothly without any volume caps. We are your single source to ALL High Risk Merchant Accounts. Let our staff of processing industry veterans find the solution that’s right for you. Please take about 1 minute to complete our NO OBLIGATION quick form and submit it to us. This will allow our team to evaluate your needs and present a banking / pricing solution for your particular business.