High Risk Merchant Account Provider

Are you a merchant on the verge of giving up your pursuit of a merchant account after being turned down by so many banks each of which has told you that your venture is too high a risk? Well, here at the renowned High Risk Merchant Account Provider American Merchant Systems you will get all the assistance you need to enable your business to start accepting credit cards on an international scale. All high risk businesses including fortune tellers, search engine optimization, downloadable software merchants, web marketing, web design, web hosting, internet marketers, adult DVDs and videos, auto rental, call centers, and so on, are all accommodated in our high risk account services.

American Merchant Systems is well able to handle all these account needs thanks to its affiliation to diverse credit card processing sources starting with US-based banks, domestic merchant accounts and banks, offshore merchant accounts and banks, third party processing, check guarantee and conversion services, ATM machines, and ACH check processors. With such big muscle behind us it is easy to see why we are a capable High Risk Merchant Account Provider. AMSvisa.com is therefore well capable of handling high sales volumes and keeping your account running with no volume caps.

Obtaining a high risk merchant account is currently easier than it was in the past as providers have now incorporated technologies to detect and deter credit card scam, and which is the chief risk in this line of business. Such technologies have enabled us to become a world-class High Risk Merchant Account Provider and therefore we can ably accommodate your venture regardless of whether you are looking for a single or multiple merchant accounts. Just fill in our non obligatory form to help us evaluate your business and we will present you with tailored solutions specific for your business.

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