High Risk Merchant Accounts

Certain ecommerce ventures are classified as high risk because of their lines of operation as well as the mode of payment for their products and services and which mostly involves credit cards. Any businessperson running a venture that can be classified in the gaming, telemarketing, pharmacies, multi-level marketing, adult or phone-card sales industries and so forth is always advised to open a High Risk Merchant Account. As this account name suggests, these businesses are high risk in nature mostly because of the credit card fraud threat and therefore not many banks agree to provide them with accounts. Nonetheless, at American Merchant Systems you will obtain the appropriate High Risk Merchant Account that you need for your business.

Our High Risk Merchant Account carries the advantages of multicurrency credit card processing, online reporting of customer transactions, and it accepts all 5 major credit cards including MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club, Discover and American Express. Amsvisa.com proffers a very straightforward evaluation process for you to register for this account, and which is very affordable to set up.

With a High Risk Merchant Account you will be able to accept credit card payments internationally and which will give your business an image of reliability and trust and thus help to attract increasing numbers of new clients. Other benefits that come with our accounts include a shopping cart, secure certified connection and a fast transaction order form.

At American Merchant Systems we have tailored our accounts in a manner that is devoid of any unnecessary restrictive trading conditions and we are thus capable of handling high trade volumes. Put simply, we specialize in expediting your transactions. This also applies to the application process whereby we always endeavor to have new accounts up and running 24 hours after the registration and ready to accept credit cards from customers.

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