Offshore Merchant Accounts

With a regular merchant account the number of customers that your business can attract is limited because this account can only accept domestic credit cards. Offshore Merchant Accounts are therefore what businesspeople seeking a global audience go after and thus manage to open up their ventures to increased opportunities.

American Merchant Systems, in cooperation with the plenty of well reputable offshore banks that we work with, is your partner in creating the offshore account that your business needs so much. Thanks to the internet the world is interconnected, and with this the possibility of offshore accounts and which guarantee businesses and clients of the safe delivery of payments; don’t let your business get left behind as others look to expand their tentacles so as to reach customers thousands of miles away.

There are very strict policies and terms and conditions for opening Offshore Merchant Accounts. However, many businessmen welcome these restrictions as they are instrumental in ensuring security for both their businesses and their clients. Other than receiving a worldwide audience, businesses with this account get to enjoy tax reductions and thus by saving a lot more money, usually running to about 20%, your business is all set to flourish even more. Although it is quite a capital-intensive affair to open such an account the possible multiple benefits are definitely vivid enough for every business to see.

With American Merchant Systems you get to enjoy using Offshore Merchant Accounts that are SSL secured and equipped with quality customer support on a 24/7 basis. We make it our business to process payments as soon as they are made available so as to prevent the otherwise long waits typical of bank transfers, and check and payment hassles. It quite safe to say that offshore accounts are the most practical of all accounts as they offer maximum security whilst being very accessible for ecommerce businesses.

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